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Last day of this challenge. Yey! So I’ll post 3 nice quotes today :)         For this Challenge, the rules are:  Post three consecutive days.  You can pick one or three quotes per day.  Challenge three different bloggers per day. My day 3 nominees are: Dubai Expat Nurse Popcornonmydesktop Chia Whether they join […]

90s music

I dunno why I was required to dance when I was in grade school when my body alone already looks like a stick plus my dance moves really added up to my stick-look and with my kinky hair I look like an inverted walking mop. Anyway, I was trying to shift into a more relaxing playlist […]


Three Day Quote Challenge Day 2   Sometimes I feel that we are all pirates Sailing with high hopes and dreams Hammered by strong winds and harsh weather Aching with pain, almost dying from hunger Fighting to win, struggling to live Sometimes lucky, most of the times not Some will find the treasure Some will […]


Three Day Quote Challenge I would like to thank Anne for forcing nominating me on this Three Day Quote Challenge, see her post here. For today I have chosen this line by Portgas D. Ace, one of the characters in One Piece. Unconsciously, we all don’t live for today. We always want to live for tomorrow when we don’t even know if […]


So after forcing begging my friend – Dai, to draw something out for my blog, she finally gave in. Yay! I showed her the 2 concept arts that my other friends made for me as well as the stick figure art that I made for myself and I asked her to make something similar.   […]


Originally posted on SIMPLY GRACELYN:
I know God knows best but right now it doesn’t seem so. I can’t believe that His answer is ‘no’. I’ve been battling in prayers for God’s yes and go signal but at the end it was still a ‘no’. I was very saddened by his response. It feels like…

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Never Put to Test the Faith of a Person By Apolinario Villalobos ? Some people have the habit of putting to test the faith of others. They should take extra care as regards this kind of attitude due to the rise of so many groups that used to be part of…

Originally posted on Ika nga ni Ompong:
Yes, Facebook began with the intention of socializing with friends, former classmates, relatives, and family. It provided a venue where we can meet, talk to, and share things with our old friends and relatives, though in a virtual environment. To most, it’s a way of communicating to their…

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Originally posted on Reading Your Thoughts:
Photo from Thank you – … for being there when no one else would …when I was in deep shit and you pulled me out …when you stayed put and told me I was never alone …when you saw right through my bullshit and brilliance …when you stayed…


Originally posted on A Life Less Ordinary:
Sounds obvious, right? Kindness is one of those basic humanistic straits that is found in each and every one of us. We crave kindness from others and we project kindness towards those around us. But how does this really affect our overall happiness? It can be very easy…

Emo Valentines

Buwan na ng mga puso at unti-unti nang naglalabasan ang mga post kung ano ang magandang iregalo sa kani-kaniyang kasintahan, saan maganda magpropose, saan maganda mag-date, saan maganda mag-group date at kung ano ang pinaglalaban ng mga ampalaya. Mga post kung gaano kasaya ang Balentayms noon at kung gaano ito kalungkot ngayon hetsetra hetsetera. Hindi talaga ako […]

I Came. I Wrote. I Conquered.

I was telling my boss yesterday the story of a travel blogger who quit her job and started travelling and started earning money while travelling and blogging. By the way, my boss hailed from another dimension, just incase any extra terrestrial discussion arises. So I told him  how nice could it be to travel and […]

Nakakapagod na ang paulit-ulit Na paggising sa umaga At pagpasok sa opisina Para magpayaman ng iba   Nakakapagod na ang paulit-ulit na pagsusumamo At paulit-ulit na pagsunod Sa patakarang lagi lamang  para sa kanila At hindi para sa iyo   Nakakapagod na ang paulit-ulit Na pagkaubos ng oras At mga sandali Na lagi ay para […]

Melt with You

I Melt with You by Modern English was released in 1982, then a hit, now a New Wave classic. Youngsters be like, WTF is New Wave??? It is the “in” music back in the 70s and 80s. Some of the musicians probably looked like this….. And this… But anyway… Jason Mraz made his own rendition […]


Memory is like patches of sunlight in an overcast valley, shifting with the movement of the clouds. Now and then the light will fall on a particular point in time, illuminating it for a moment before the wind seals up the gap, and the world is in shadows again. – The Garden of Evening Mists […]


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